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MilestonesGrowth process

Year 2014

●The company's total investment increased to 80 million yuan, and the registered capital increased to 34 million yuan.

Year 2010

●In June, the company's second phase of the construction of the new plant and dormitory began. The total investment of this project is 19 million yuan, covering an area of 4.37 acres, of which the new plant covers an area of 3.54 acres and the construction area is 12,000 square meters.

Year 2009

●The company’s registered capital was increased to 18 million yuan, the total investment was adjusted from the original 12 million to 36 million yuan

Year 2007

●The three major shareholders transferred undistributed profits to capital by shares. The registered capital is increased to 10 million yuan.

●Due to the need of business strategy and the adjustment of the shareholder structure, the shares of ZETTLER ELECTRONICS (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. of the United States were transferred to

Year 2005

●The new plant in Yuyao Yangming Industrial Park was put into use, with a construction area of 6000 square meters.

●Company name changed: Ningbo Jintian Relay Co., Ltd. was renamed as Ningbo Zettle Electronics Co., Ltd.

Year 2004

●The construction of the new plant began.

Year 2003

●The registered capital was increased to 5.46 million yuan.

Year 2002

●"Zetter Components Co., Ltd. of the United States" joined, the company's registered capital increased to 3.46 million yuan.

●The company's quality assurance system has passed ISO9001 international standards.

August 2000

●Registered "Ningbo Jintian Relay Co., Ltd." with a registered capital of 1 million yuan.