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Ningbo Zettler Electronics Co., Ltd
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Ningbo Zettler Electronics Co., Ltd
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  • General Relay
    General-purpose relay refers to a relay that can be used in a certain field or many fields. The relay is an electrical appliance that causes the controlled quantity to undergo a predetermined step change in the electrical output circuit when the input quantity (excitation quantity) changes to the sp..
  • Automotive Relay
    Automobile relays are relays used in automobiles. Such relays have high switching load power, high shock resistance and vibration resistance. Most power supplies in automobiles use 12V, and most of the coil voltages are designed to be 12V. ..
  • New Energy Relay
    With the continuous growth of solar energy, electric vehicles and other new energy technology applications on a global scale, ZETTLER’s new energy applications are committed to engineering development and comprehensive utilization of ZETTLER’s global resources to provide customers in the global ..
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    It is a joint venture, located in Yuyao, Zhejiang, China.  It’s the important OEM production base for Hongfa Groups and Zettler Groups on relays. It was recognized as a high-tech enterprise from year 2010; the "Jintian" brand relay was recognized as a provincial famous trademark. The company's original name was "Ningbo Jintian Relay Co., Ltd.", which was established in August 2000, and renamed "Ningbo Zettler Electronics Co., Ltd." in 2005. It has power relays, solar relays, automotive relays, industrial control relays etc., with more than 500 specifications. The current production capacity
    • 20000

      Covers an area of 20,000 square meters
    • 20 years

      20 years of relay manufacturing experience
    • 250 million

      The production scale reaches 250 million
    No. 5, Shuntai Road, Yangming Industrial Zone, Yuyao City, Zhejiang China